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Network New Ulm youth takes a trip to the businesses around town
Network New Ulm at Schells Brewery
Network New Ulm at Schells Brewery
Shelby Seifert

When Isabelle Miller, junior, got off the bus Wednesday morning, she had no idea what was in store for the day.


Network New Ulm at American Artstone (Shelby Seifert)

The Network New Ulm Youth students started their day off at Windings. Next, they moved on to American Artstone, where they learned that they make concrete and not stone. After that, they went on to KNUJ, which is where the students got to talk live on the radio and talk to Aron Bode, which Miller said was her favorite part because “he had a lot of good things to say and I thought he was a really smart guy . . . I learned a lot from him.”

Isabelle Miller, junior, at KNUJ, helping make a radio ad (Shelby Seifert)

In addition to that, the students also got to make a radio ad for Network New Ulm . “We were split into a group of six, and then the guy from KNUJ split up the roles into six parts. We all said part of the ad and then we got to listen to it back,” Miller said. “It was kinda weird listening to your own voice.”

Once they were done there, the bus took the students to lunch at Pizza Ranch. Many of the students agreed that it was the best lunch yet. Once they were done eating, they went to Schells Brewery. They went on a tour, and everyone was offered a cup of 1919 root beer.

The last stop of the day was Citizens Bank Minnesota. While there, the students got a tour of the bank and a lecture on the jobs offered by Sarah Seifert. Seifert happens to also be one of the members that volunteer on the Network New Ulm committee. “I volunteer on the committee because I feel it is important for high school students to learn about different career paths and also learn more about New Ulm as a whole,” Seifert said. “It’s also good to network with students from other schools and meet adults in the community. You never know when a connection you made with someone will help you in the future.”


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