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Snow fall in New Ulm, Mn.
Accidents pile up with first snow fall
Brennan Shaver, Contributor • December 8, 2022

When Elyse Dreckman left her house out of town late Monday morning she didn't expect what went on to happen. The roads were a little slippery and tires that are worn down do not help situations. Elyse left school at around 6:50...

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Senior Leo Waloch goes to the bathroom with a physical hall pass during class.
Hallway e-passes: good or bad?
Nathaniel Janssen, Contributor • December 2, 2022

Everybody has been there before: you're in the middle of a class period that feels far longer than an hour, and the urgency hits; you have to find a bathroom. In the medical world, this is called urgency incontinence, but at the high...

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NUHS students take advantage of lower commons vending machines.
Return of the Vending Machine Monster
Emma Miller, Contributor • November 1, 2022

Throughout the 2021-22 school year both students and staff fought continuously with vending machines in the NUHS lower commons. Machines had been eating buyers' money, were empty for days on end and refused to dispense food and drinks...

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Board at School: Tech Deck Cure
Board at School: Tech Deck Cure
Rylan O'Neill, Contributor • January 12, 2023

There's a quiet rumble in the background. A teacher says some incomprehensible words as Leo Waloch prepares for his sickest trick yet. He places...

Ms. Mosher (right) and Jayden Ludwig (left) pose in the school store.
School store fun
November 7, 2022
New Ulm Girls Basketball spending an afternoon having a fun bowling competition.
Girls Get Away
Kendal Conrad, Contributor • January 12, 2023
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On Tuesday Dec. 6, the New Ulm Eagles hosted their first home wrestling meet. Other surrounding schools including Maple River, Loyola Mankato, and Mankato East all competed in the meet. The New Ulm Eagles swept away the competition with a 3-0 win.
Eagles Wrestling
December 8, 2022
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New Ulm Eagles dance team posing after competing at St.James Dance competion.
Dance Time
December 7, 2022
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Over 26,000 pounds of occupation
Over 26,000 pounds of occupation
Vincent Leske, Contributor • May 19, 2022
Jacob standing next to his truck and trailer used to haul scrap metal.
Jacob's Scrap Metal Removal
Ben Hubbard, Contributor • May 12, 2022
The Right side of NUHS weight room.
Strengthening the weight room
Paige Frederick, Contributor • May 12, 2022
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A fraction of the prom dress selection at Sisters Bridal and Tux.
PROMising purchase
Lana Braun, Contributor • January 12, 2023

Imagine you are a dress, vacuum sealed in plastic, shoved into a cardboard box with other dresses, and being shipped from someplace in China...

The front of the Happy Joes building
NUHS delivery, sort of
Jayce Seifert, Contributor • December 13, 2022

A rusty Buick quickly drives across New Ulm. The driver is on a mission and won't be stopped, not with rain or wind or snow. Finally he arrives...

New Ulm Fire Department invites the public to join them for their annual open house and explore the fire station on September 12th.
Stop Drop and Roll!
Emerson Wenninger, Contributor • November 7, 2022

On Oct. 12 at the New Ulm Fire Department, the annual fire prevention open house took place. The goal of the open house is to invite the public...

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