Any last words, Seniors?

Why Senior Quotes are missing from the 22-23 Yearbook and if they could return.
A page of Seniors in the NUHS 2022-2023 Yearbook, featuring many Seniors and their names.
A page of Seniors in the NUHS 2022-2023 Yearbook, featuring many Seniors and their names.
Darien Jones

Who doesn’t love a good yearbook? The ability to own a physical copy of you and your classes’ history and memories- preserved in your hands for years to come. It is a simple concept that students, parents, and teachers alike would fall in love with. Yet, many found something amiss in the new yearbook; the Senior quotes were missing!

Over the last two decades, NUHS Yearbooks and Senior content have remained quite inconsistent. Some years, Seniors can have a quote, various descriptors, and even another picture of themselves when they were younger. In some other years, they were lucky to keep their custom-made pictures. This is one of those years.

“On the website where you submitted your Senior photo, they asked for a quote too,” former NUHS student Eric Rolloff said. “I submitted one. They didn’t put any in the book, though.” Furthermore, The Eagle Online story from earlier last school year, “Senior Quotes & Pictures!” implies the quotes were initially planned to appear in the 22-23 Yearbook.

Ms. Mosher stands in front of various computers used by many students earlier that day. (Darien Jones)

When the plans changed is still unclear, but the reasons behind the changes are clear as day. “There are a couple of reasons… The biggest is there were too many that were inappropriate,” Ms. Mosher said. For her, there wasn’t much choice between having a few random quotes per page and having the pages nice and uniform.

Senior quotes may have been lost for some years before, but not all hope is lost for the next Yearbook, as its fate may lie in our current Seniors’ hands. “New Ulm is a great school, we want to keep it that way, so everything in there should be positive and speak of the students, and speak their truth,” Ms. Mosher said.

What NUHS asks of the quotes is the same. Just stay appropriate, and if you can fill out a quote, don’t wait too long!

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    Eric RolloffJan 20, 2024 at 8:27 pm

    Great reporting as always from Darien!