Playing catch-up

Many NUHS students are scrambling to turn in all of their late homework from the semester.
Nate Firle takes a break from his work to pose for a picture.
Nate Firle takes a break from his work to pose for a picture.
Cohen Carpenter

Most people would say that at some point in high school, they’ve had missing assignments. Maybe they were gone from school for a day and they needed to make up an assignment or a test. For some students, the last few days were chock-full of cramming before finals.

The majority of NUHS students spent their weekend kicking back and relaxing but for many others, the weekend was dedicated to going back to the beginning of the semester to finish any and all missing assignments as a last-ditch effort to raise their grades.

At the end of the day, it’s a lifestyle choice. You could spend your time during school doing your work when it’s assigned to stay on track and study for final exams in the final two weeks of the semester, or you could kick back and relax while the missing assignments pile up so you can have some fun with your friends but spend the last two weeks of the semester cramming.

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