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Student Council members spend their free time setting up events & decorations around the school
2023/24 Senior Student Council members
2023/24 Senior Student Council members

Decorated hallways, colorful posters, fun dress-up weeks, and many events. The Student Council members do all sorts of setting up for events and decorating for the holiday seasons. It’s a nice greeting to see the fun decorations that cheer up your mood in the morning.

Student Council members set up around 18 events during the school year for all students to enjoy. They have to spend about 24 hours of their own time attending events, helping set up and take down events, and creating posters for dress-up weeks. Student Council is run by Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Gunderson (co-advisors). Daviney Dreckman is the president and Bryer Hoffman is the vice president.

Science hall decorated for Christmas

The events range from intramurals for individuals who want to participate in them outside of school hours to the most known event, Battle of the Classes. Everyone has their own opinions about their favorite event.  Mrs. Gunderson said, “There are a few of them for different reasons. I love BOTC because everyone loves it and there is a lot of student engagement. The spring event was very fun and it went well for it being just the first year.”

Some students get to do Student Council all four years of high school, Madison Guggisberg being one of them. “All the years of BOTC, from putting it together to then seeing all the excitement happen. Even though there are always ups and downs it’s still my favorite memory of being part of Student Council,” said Guggisberg.

New Ulm High School has held BOTC as an annual event over homecoming for years. Over the years there have been some limits set. “We cycle through a few but some that have not returned are pizza eating, half-gallon milk chug, builders and dozers, tape on the wall, and many more,” said Mr. Nelson.

Student Council is a great place for students to share ideas, interests, and concerns. It’s a chance to build relationships with people inside and outside of school. With many opportunities given it’s a great group to have fun and create fun for all high school students.








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