Foot Drive

Many Students succeeded in their goal to get Miss Page in the winners costume!
Miss Page all footed up!
Miss Page all footed up!

She wore a toe suit with white nail polish and hair on each toe. She taught all sorts of art classes and walked through the halls in this costume; Miss Page was the lucky winner of the food drive contest.

Student council members put together this year’s food drive for the students to participate in. They put their own twist into it this year. Whichever teacher had the most food items at the end of the week had to wear a foot costume, and any kid who donated to the winning teacher had to wear foot slippers.

Many of the kids thought it would be clever to bring all their food donations to Miss Page’s room so she would have to wear the costume. Well, I don’t think many of them started considering the consequences they will have because of it. Madie Guggisberg, a student who donated some food to her classroom bin described it as awkward because everyone was looking at her. But it got better because anyone who commented about it got told, “Go look at Miss Page!” said Madie.

Some winners of the food drive contest!

The primary foot leader, Miss Page, talked about how the week went. She encouraged many students to bring food items but not to her room. As her food bin grew more and more each day, she started becoming a bit nervous that she might win it. As that thought raced across her mind, she told the students who donated, “If I have to suffer, you guys have to suffer too!” stated Miss Page.

On the last day of the week, Miss Page and her food drive members suffered as they walked around school in their toe suits or toe slippers as a repercussion for their food drive items. As many suffered throughout the day, there was a positive side to this: all of the food later got donated to the New Ulm Food Shelf!


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