Pedal to the Metal

The issue at hand is the number of speeders within New Ulm High School.
Pedal to the Metal

It was a calm and chilly morning at New Ulm High School. Many students were on their way to school when the siren and lights of a police car began tearing through the quiet morning as an officer pulled a student over for speeding.

Riley Studtmann

The concern at New Ulm High School is the excessive number of speeders on campus. Driving is an important aspect of everyday life, and “speeding can be extremely dangerous and can cause injury,” student Evan Janni said.

NUHS students are still young and must learn from their mistakes. Some have an impactful opinion regarding people who speed thinking they “are idiots” and will end up getting hurt, student Layton Ludewig said. Despite the risks and consequences, some people view speeding as a game. One student who was stopped for going 80 in a 55 maintained this mindset: “It’s fun while it lasts,” student Riley Studtmann said.

Officer Achman next to his police vehicle

There has not been a substantial rise in speeders during the school year; nevertheless, speeding pullovers have seen an increase due to an increase in enforcement.

“Speeding in general is one of the most common law violations,” Officer Achman said. The most notable reason for speeding is the lack of time management people have. “Very rarely even going over 5 mph does not save time, it just increases danger,” Officer Achman said.

Law enforcement urges drivers to obey the posted speed limits and exercise caution on the roads. They emphasize that arriving a few minutes late is a small price to pay compared to the potential consequences of reckless driving. 



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