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Style from down below

Analyzing what students wear on their feet
Joey Kotten
Students converse in the upper commons while flexing their wide variety of shoes.
Junior Jason Malcolm rocks the signature Van style. (Joey Kotten)

As you walk down the hall, a hidden world is among you.

Looking at the decorated walls, your friend’s locker, or just navigating through busy doorways, a huge fashion element lingers that you might miss. And it’s right at your feet.

It could be a nice pair of Nike’s or a pair of Crocs. A passerby is flexing some Hey Dude’s, Uggs, or even country cowboy boots. Shoes, sneakers, and footwear are a staple fashion element that lies below.

Senior Nick Vigil wears his “Panda” Dunks. (Joey Kotten)

The hit brand students seem to go with is Nike. Many have “Air Forces,” “Blazers,” “Dunks,” or simple athletic shoes with the signature swoosh logo. Adidas, Reebok, or On Cloud are also solid shoes for activity.

On comfy days, or not,  you can catch people pulling up to class in Crocs and moccasins. Crocs are a seasonal clog that comes out in the Spring. You can find the classic clog style anywhere around the school. A fun aspect of this shoe is the wide variety of colors and designs they come in. A strap can be moved from the front of the clog to the back to allow extra grip for activity.

Some Crocs have themed characters. Lighting McQueen is displayed by Senior Noah Engel. (Joey Kotten)

Moccasins are all the trend of the winter season to stay warm and comfy at the same time. Brands like Ugg and Minnetonka end up in many classrooms.

However, the thoughts of laid-back shoewear are not appreciated by all. Physical Education teacher Mr. Lieser comments, “In my classes, I prefer students wearing shoes that tie and allow them to push themselves to another athletic level. Casual shoes prevent that.”

Sophomore Charlie Weidman sports a Birkenstock Clog. (Joey Kotten)

Take a stroll through the Ag hallway or CTE Center, a western look can be found. Paired with blue jeans, leather boots are a sight to see in the wood shop or greenhouse. Many different brands make up the population of student closets. Hey Dudes come in as an alternative, as they are easy to put on.

More brands like New Balance, Vans, or Converse can be found. Each pair tells a story of the wearer and expresses their personality.

Next time you sit in class or walk to lunch, simply look below and see what lies at your feet.

History teacher Mrs. Gordon goes presidential on “Fun Shoe Friday”. (Joey Kotten)
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