I Can’t Look Away!

A Solar Eclipse School Day
Solar eclipse crew!
Solar eclipse crew!

A blinding light will keep you looking. When you take a step outside have you ever taken a moment to think about the light that surrounds us? Or the darkness that follows it? What happens when they meet?

On April 8 the astronomy club was let out of class at 1:45 p.m. to watch the solar eclipse. A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun causing the light to be blocked out. It is extremely dangerous to look at the eclipse without proper vision protection. A total eclipse is a very rare occurrence and isn’t predicted to happen again until 2044.

Chris Brock, a science teacher at New Ulm High School, is in charge of the astronomy club. She has taught students how to assemble telescopes that the club uses and led many nights of star gazing! During star gazing she would point out planets, help focus telescopes, and help identify constellations. 

Looking into the light

With her help, the club set off accompanied by other classes, putting on their glasses and stepping out into the world. The students were disappointed to see that cloud cover was stopping them from seeing the eclipse. Some left disappointed but a handful of persistent students stayed. The clouds opened up enough for them to see it. 

“OH MY GOD IT’S A ECLIPSE!” said senior Joey Kotten ,and the clouds opened up. 

The club had a successful exhibition and ended the day on a very bright note.

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