Senior Year

Senior Year

Noah Gomez, Sports Editor

As senior year FINALLY comes to a close, I figured now would be the perfect time to shed some light on what is in store for current and future high school students. As a current senior of New Ulm High School, I can personally say it has its ups and downs, but it will definitely be something I will miss.

As senior year starts, you start to adjust to being the oldest ones in the school, and starting the road of lasts. Last friday night lights as a high schooler, last year in high school, last year of high school football, last year of volleyball, and the list just gets longer as the year goes by.

During senior year, there are always 2 types of people when it comes to class taking, the ones who take a schedule full of slack classes, and the last few required classes, who will be looking forward to senior year and how relaxed and easy it will be. Then there’s the people who take college classes to try and save money later on in life, who will not be looking forward to senior year due to the high levels of difficulty of these classes. Then there’s always the people who take a little bit of both so they can enjoy their senior year while also making good choices for future decisions.

By the time you hit the middle of the year, it starts to hit you just how fast it’s going by, and you get more and more excited how quickly you will be done. Finals come up and you finish off your first round of classes. While you continue down the road of lasts. Last basketball game, last holiday season as a high schooler, last dance competition, last time having teachers for classes.

As the final stretch continues, the anxiousness to finish the school year just grows as the days go by. You can’t wait to just finish and go off to that college that you’ve most likely been accepted to already, or begin your life after high school. Class work starts to become less important for some people as the slacking increases.

Then when those last few days come up on you, and you see the single digits on the senior year count down, you realize how fast 12 years have gone by, how far you made it, and how much you’ve accomplished, for some people they are excited to finally be done, while for others can be a time of sadness, a routine that we followed for almost 12 years, over and done with the simple handling of a diploma on that stage friday. Grad parties start getting scheduled, cap and gowns are handed out. Then the last few lasts come even quicker, last day of high school, last finals, last time having teachers. Then those last few days come by even faster, and before you know it, senior year is over, and it’s time to go out into the real world.

As the class of 2017 finishes our high school career, I wish the best of luck to current and future high school students, it goes by quickly enjoy it or dislike while it lasts, and I wish the best of luck to my fellow seniors in their lives after high school. Class of 2017 OUT!!!!!!