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The healthful living class works on different ways to relieve stress
Healthful Living students following the yoga stretches.
Healthful Living students following the yoga stretches.

The NUHS students in the Healthful Living class are learning about stress and how to manage stress. They are learning about the different techniques to relieve stress throughout the week. The techniques the class has used are progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, meditation, deep breathing, and yoga.

Healthful living students performing the yoga stretch.

The class found yoga to be the most enjoyable. They went to the wrestling room and had a yoga video projected onto the wall. The class followed the stretches the video was showing. “It is a lot of fun, and you get to relieve a lot of stress from your body,” junior Brody Hacker said.

At the end of the week, the class had to write a reflection paper on each of their experiences with the stress-relieving techniques they learned. They would first record how they felt after using the technique each day. They then used what they had written from the past week to write the reflection paper.

In the reflection paper, they write about which techniques worked best for them. They also had to choose whether they would use any of the techniques if they were ever under stress.

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