Fashion and Designs in NUHS

Fashion and design students take on a new project.
Noelle Hauge creating a poster for fashion and design.
Noelle Hauge creating a poster for fashion and design.

New Ulm High School students can take an elective called Fashion and Design, which is a project-based class that teaches about all the elements and designs that go into fashion.

This class is very hands-on with projects and creating your own designs, all according to specific elements or principles. Every week there is something new whether it is a drawing on croquis, sewing, posters, or making a design out of random objects you can find. Junior student Noelle Hauge said, “It is a good way to switch things up in the classroom.”


In fashion and design, students can learn many things. Students learn about fashion throughout the ages and how it has changed. They will also learn drawing and creativity skills when creating posters of the elements they have been talking about, and connecting them to outfits on croquis. Students will also learn how to sew and make clothing, Hand sewing and machine sewing are both taught.

Fashion and Design teaches students about all the different aspects of fashion and creativity that are used. They are able to express themselves in their work, designs, and clothing. Fashion and design teacher Ms. Schneider said, “I love seeing all the creativity in the student’s work.”

There are a variety of things taught throughout the semester and the students get a full understanding of all the parts that go into fashion and design.





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