Josiah Peterson

This is what could happen at any time!

We all know those speeches at the beginning of shop classes as well as woods classes. Usually people just nod not really listening to what the teacher has to say, even though what the teacher is expressing to the students is quite important for their well being. Obviously there are students out there who know that safety is important but will chose to not listen since they have heard it so many times before. But what if an injury were to happen to you? This question can be brought up in many terms, but many people don’t understand how important safety actually is until and injury does happen to them.

The reason safety is so important, is because nobody wants anyone to get hurt, along with everyone’s well being. These factors are quite important since they don’t want anyone getting hurt on their watch. Obviously accidents happen, but a lot of things can be stopped with the first thought of safety in mind, along with others.

Safety was first created to set certain rules to be set up in case people got into trouble and needed help. This was set in place so that it could prevent the worst scenario from happening, which could be someone getting injured either on the job or in a classroom. All of the safety rules may not sound like it is worth your time, but take a step back for a second, and think if it happened to you. Maybe the rules will resonate a lot better with you and others as well.

So just always remember, those who tell you about safety and pester you about it constantly, are just trying to look out for you.