Intro Welders face their toughest project yet

The final project of the year
Freshman Jaydon Schroeder cuts out coupons to weld
Freshman Jaydon Schroeder cuts out coupons to weld

It’s getting to that time of the year when the projects progress and prove to be harder and harder.

Throughout the whole semester, the students in this class have been practicing with all types of welding. They’ve also practiced a lot of welding within each one, including butt welds, lap welds, T welds, and outside corner welds. But this project is the hardest one of the semester. The students are tasked with making a 3×3 cube that holds water, and they lose points for each weld that leaks. The students have to plasma cut all of the pieces to perfection, including the pierce hole cut for the hole on the top, and weld each edge of the cube to make it hold water. “You’re going to have to be precise with cutting the cube,” said Mr. Nelson, the teacher of the welding class. “It’s not something to mess around with, because if you do, it won’t work”

That may seem like no hard task, but that’s not all. There is a lot more to this project.

The students have to use all of the different types of welding, including TIG, MIG, stick, and Oxy welding. And that does not even include the plasma cutting that needs to be done to cut out all of the coupons to form the perfect cube. But there are a bunch of welds where the students will get to choose what type of welding they want to use.

“It’s hard because each way of welding is a completely different ballgame, and you need to make sure you know how to do each and every one,” said Tucker Berg, a junior taking the class this semester.

The students have the rest of the semester to complete this task.

An example of what the cubes should look like when finished
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