Pearl’s pretty prom outfits

Pearl Kowalke and her date’s epic fits
Pearls pretty prom outfits

Pearl hit the runway like a seasoned model, her date Brady Kapolczynski by her side. Although their matching fits attracted attention, Pearl’s dress really stood out. The backstory may have been unremarkable—just another $20 find from a thrift store—but Pearl saw possibilities where others might have only seen a wedding gown thrown away.

The notion of painting clothes came from a whim. Pearl had previously experimented with a variety of media, but never with fabric. Still, something about that outfit called out to her, “Paint on me, Pearl.”

Pearl Kowalkes Prom dress before painting on it.

Pearl started her audacious experiment with paint and Pinterest. Her kitchen table served as both her studio and a haven from the claustrophobic art space for a period of two weeks. Her hands were colored from her constant labor, and she was obsessed with all the possibilities.

She spent a whole day constructing her date’s tie, stating, “I thought the tie would only take a couple of hours, then I could continue on my dress, but it took a full day just to sew the tie, so I didn’t get started with painting the tie until the next day.”

At midday on Prom Day, Pearl completed her masterpiece while the time was ticking furiously behind her. However, she waited until 3 pm to get ready completely, relishing every second of the build-up. Pearl’s mother, Tonya, nervous for her for getting ready so late, stated, “I was surprised she got it done in time; I didn’t see the vision of the dress until the very end; she did great.” She was posted on her mothers Facebook page that got over 150 likes and about 60 comments about how fabulous her dress was.

Pearl appeared at the appropriate moment with a vision of audacity and originality. Her wild sense of flair and attitude were evident as she walked the Grand March runway. She demanded attention with every step, and her hand-painted sculpture was a monument to her wild creativity. People she knew and didn’t know came up to her to compliment every part of the gown; she must’ve twirled a million times. She met a lot of new people who came up to compliment, or take pictures with her. “It was a truly magical night.”

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