Art Installations in every corner

Advanced Art students find a way to make the school a little more interesting.
Art Installations in every corner

As I walked into class, we had a new lesson on the board about installations. Janke explained how the concept works and what materials we could use for our projects. He showed us many examples from previous years, including the purple octopus in the history hallway last year. Students immediately got to work and started brainstorming their ideas for the project that day.

This is the fifth project of the semester, and most projects, when finished, end up in the display case or taken home, where many don’t see the incredible work students create. Janke said, “We want people to see these and think, wow, that’s pretty cool; I would’ve never thought we could incorporate art into these places.” Many students wanted to make people laugh or put a smile on their faces.

Quickly, the projects came to life, and many of the projects had to do with animals. The paper mache began taking shape rather than looking like a glob of paper. “We can make the pipe look like a tree so it looks more realistic and adds to the project to make it just a bit better,” said Nick Vigil.

Each day, a new project was put up, and in the halls, I overheard students talk about, “Did you see the nose Pearl made hanging in the history hall?”

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