Intro to Welding

Intro to welding students lay down their first beads
Intro to Welding

After many long weeks filled with safety tests and safety packets, intro to welding student finally made their way into the shop. However, these tests and packets were much needed as welding has many safety precautions and can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. These long weeks were also great for getting to know your classmates. “If you can’t trust your classmates in the shop this class will be very difficult,” said Mr.Nelson, the intro to welding teacher at New Ulm High School.

Example of Stick Bead

The Intro to Welding course consists of 5 different types of welding/cutting: TIG, MIG, Stick, Oxy, and Plasma. The students are graded on multiple aspects of the weld such as how good it looks, its durability, and the penetration of the weld.

“Stick is my favorite because you can weld and you don’t have to clean metal and it’s also one of the easiest,” se Kyle Helget said.

When asked what is the hardest type of welding to do, Kyle said, “Probably TIG because you have to clean the metal before you weld, and you also have to use filler rod which can be tricky at times .”


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