A murderer in the building?

Mrs. Mosher’s Intro to Law class is getting into the topic of crime scenes
Former cheerleader Angela who was pushed off the top of the stairs
Former cheerleader Angela who was pushed off the top of the stairs
Lauryn Ludewig

Mrs. Mosher’s Intro to Law class walks into the building one day and there it is, Angela, at the bottom of the stairs. Her students are confused until they get to their 6th-hour class. She explains that there is a murderer in the classroom and they have to find out who pushed Angela.

Crime scene evidence (Lauryn Ludewig)

When they went around and talked to other classmates, some didn’t even know they were talking to the killer. This seemed to make people more and more curious and want to talk to everyone to get their stories straight. Throughout the investigation people would hear others’ alibis, find evidence at the crime scene, and hear some drama that Angela was involved in.

“I researched online what is kind of popular with students right now and it is bringing a murder mystery into the classroom,” Mosher said. She has been teaching the class for the last 4 years since she has been here at New Ulm High School. In the class crime scene unit they learn about investigation tactics, how to examine a crime scene, how to fingerprint someone, and how to look for differences in writing. The class can be taken by freshmen all the way up to seniors and all seem to enjoy this unit more than other units.

Mosher said: “I think the students like to get out and moving and try to use some of the skills that we learned in the unit to try to solve the crime.”

With signing up for classes the Intro to Law class seems to really fill up with all sorts of students and a thing most do not know is the fact that most high schools do not even have a class like this. Most schools do not even really look at having a law class and focus on the general classes or more common career path classes. So when signing up for next year’s classes lets “crack open the books again” like Mosher did and sign up for Intro to Law.

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