The main girls in Radium Girls

Let’s get to know our three radium girls from this up and coming school play
Junior Carly Wenninger, Senior Sarah Todesco, and Senior Elsie Munson practicing their scene
Junior Carly Wenninger, Senior Sarah Todesco, and Senior Elsie Munson practicing their scene
Lexi Schneider

Ripping teeth, rotting gums, and death, that is what our three radium girls have to convey on the stage. As the spring play performance moves closer these girls really have to bring their A-game.

But let’s get to know the girls behind the falling jaw.

Spring play leading ladies
Elsie Munson

Elsie Munson is a senior at NUHS and is planning to go to college to become a graphic designer. Some of her hobbies include art, listening to music, and taking pictures. Her least favorite class is Research and Writing because of the huge paper she had to write. In the spring show, Elsie plays Irene Rudolph, one of the first girls to die due to radium poisoning. "She was very young," Elsie said, "and very sassy, but I guess she did have a reason to be like that but she did get along with her cousin Kathryn." So far Elsie is really enjoying this show."When I heard we were doing it I was super excited because it was one of the shows I was looking at and I read a book about it." Elsie is also super excited about opening night but she is also a little nervous.

Sarah Todesco

Sarah Todesco, a senior at NUHS,  is going to college to become a professional performer. Her hobbies include singing, acting, painting, embroidery, and track. In the spring show, Sarah plays Kathryn Schaub, one of the last girls to die due to radium poisoning. "She is very headstrong," Sarah said, "and once she has an idea in her head she is kind of set in her ways and she wants justice." Sarah also really likes this show so far. "It's a really good show to end high school off on and I think that it is less about the show and more about the people for me." Sarah is sad about opening night knowing it will be the last one for her high school career.

Carly Wenninger

Carly Wenninger, a junior at NUHS, wants to go to college to become a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Her hobbies include reading, thrift shopping, and baking. Her least favorite class is chemistry because she is "bad" at it. In the spring show, Carly plays the lead role of Grace Fryer, the last girl to die from radium poisoning. "In the beginning, she is shy like a kid," Carly said, "but as the show progresses she realizes that she needs to solidify her personality to be taken seriously." Carly is enjoying this show so far. "It's going really good so far; right now we are ahead of schedule, and the characters are fun, costumes are fun, it's very creepy and I like it." She is very nervous about opening night.

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