That’s the way the cookie crumbles

5th Hour Basic Foods Crumble Cookie Lab
Senior Braxton Konakowitz enjoying a nice, creamy crumble cookie
Senior Braxton Konakowitz enjoying a nice, creamy crumble cookie
Brennan Benson

In our very own FACS room, our fifth-hour Basic Foods class is making delicious crumble cookies. From Feb. 21 – 23, they went from cooking to icing to now sharing their crumble cookies with the class. They have five groups making five different crumble cookie recipes.

Cosmic Brownie and Raspberry Shortcake Crumble Cookies (Brennan Benson)


They made five different recipes for crumble cookies: Cosmic Brownie, Raspberry Shortcake, Sugar Cookie, Churro, and Oreo Cookies and Cream. Each student got to try all of the cookies. The students were kind enough to share their leftover cookies with some of their teachers.

Sugar Cookie and Churro Crumble Cookies (Brennan Benson)




Our lab was even french approved! “C’etait super interresant de faire des cookie comme les vrai crumble cookies et c’etait egalement super bon!” said Senior Exchange Student Leo Ljung, which translates to, “It was super interesting to make cookies like real crumble cookies and it was also super good!”

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