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The Yearbook Staff begins crunch time
Senior Sophia Furth takes a picture of an event
Senior Sophia Furth takes a picture of an event

Limited hours, millions of photos, and a small staff. This is the problem staring the Yearbook Committee in the face, with so many photos, and such little time. Before the end of the school year is out, the Yearbook has to submit a fully furnished yearbook to a publisher, with no mistakes (talk about pressure!). But with all this weight on their backs, the Yearbook staff is up and at ’em.

The Yearbook staff is in full swing trying to sort photos into multiple categories. Some of these categories include football, basketball, homecoming, snow week, student life, and so many more. With more and more photos pouring in from the start of winter sports and the beginning of spring sports, it has become quite a challenge for the small yearbook staff to handle the task at hand.

“When you’re sorting photos it takes a lot of work because [photographers] want to take a lot of photos to make sure they get a quality shot, and it ends up being a lot of work when you have to take all these pictures and sort them into different folders…” said Senior Sophia Furth, a dedicated Yearbook staff member. Sophia Furth, alongside Junior Rory Juberien, has been sorting photos since the very first event occurring at the High School.

Yearbook has many different staff members with an assortment of jobs ranging from Photographers to Marketing, and Sorting. These jobs all are an important part of how the final product turns out, if one lacks, then the whole ship comes down. Photographers have the job of ensuring that they are covering the whole event, taking pictures of every player, not just the stars of the game or show. Marketing has the task of selling and distributing the yearbook in such a fashion that it is desirable and may raise sales. Finally, Sorting has the task of looking through each picture, weaving out the bad from the good, and placing them in the designated folder.

Ms. Mosher looks at the Senior Battle of the Classes page on Pictavo (Jaden Jay)

“We have Layout and Design, where we use a program called Pictavo to upload photos and design the Yearbook pages,” Yearbook Advisor Ms. Mosher said. “We also have Sales and Marketing and this takes care of advertising yearbooks for sales twice a year, alerting seniors to photo due dates, and creating bulletin boards and fliers as needed and distribution at the end of the year,” Mosher said.

The Yearbook Staff has just short of 80 days to complete, look over, and submit a final copy of the yearbook for publishing. Considering these factors, The Yearbook Staff works extra hard to ensure that each person works just as hard as the next and that the workload is evenly spread. Nearing the end of the year is the most stressful time for the group as sports and events are still occurring, but due to conflict, there are more and more staff members who are absent making the workload heavy on a few people. Nonetheless, The Yearbook Staff is determined to produce a phenomenal yearbook that is sure to keep our memories within its pages.

“We have Spring Sports that go right up to the last day of school and beyond, especially if they are in sections,” Mosher said. “Graduation of course isn’t until the end of the school year, and just finalizing with all the names is very important. So the last month of school is very prominent for the yearbook, so it’s all hands on deck.”

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