New projects for the CTE center.

GSM has donated 4 of their old plumbing vans and trucks, giving more things for the students to work on.
4 GSM plumbing vans that were donated to the CTE center
4 GSM plumbing vans that were donated to the CTE center
Billy Mount

Late last semester GSM donated some of their plumbing vans to the CTE center. The students in the classes down there can try and fix all of those vans.

GSM told Mr. Dustin that they have these old vans that don’t work and asked him if he would take them. They were delivered to the CTE center and now if the students don’t have anything to work on then they can work on the vans. “I don’t know what is wrong with the vans but it will be something fun to teach the kids,” Dustin said.

Fixing the tire on the GSM van (Billy Mount)

A student brought the one van that runs in and they fixed the flat tire that was on it. No students have gotten to the other 3 vans. 

Before they can start working on the vans, they are gonna have to go outside to get the vans running and then bring them into the shop so they can fix the issue.

The CTE center shop is used for anything the kids want to bring in: some people have completely torn apart a car to turn it into a smaller car, for example. There have been all kinds of projects in this shop but there are some kids that don’t have anything to work on. That’s the reason why Dustin said yeah about the Vans. “There is not that much room to move things around but we figure it out,” said Senior Levi Baumgard.

It’s a new and good experience having this shop for our school now. The CTE center was one of the best decisions for NUHS; it gives more options for kids to work on things like cars, welding, small engines, and even woods.





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