What’s for lunch?

Eagle exchange students consider their lunch options
Francisco Lavalle (left), Vico Serra (Right)
Francisco Lavalle (left), Vico Serra (Right)

Coming from varying countries from around the world, the exchange students have an hour for many stories to unfold. While one hour may seem insignificant, the students can find many things to do to pass the time. For example, Jakob Geiss’s lunch schedule includes eating a tortilla from the delicatessen, and after the 11:25 A.M. bell rings, he often leaves the cafeteria and heads upstairs to either the upper commons chairs or the library to do homework. Although his aspiration to complete his assignments during his dedicated open lunchtime is admirable, he’s most likely to spend the time laughing with his friends and taking a break between classes.

Jakob Geiss (left), Phoenix Black (right)
Vico Serra (Front)

Likewise, Francisco Lavalle is also a fan of the delicatessen, “‘My favorite school food is a sandwich with ham, turkey, provolone, lettuce, mozzarella, pickles, bacon, and tomatoes, and I also like the everyday fruits.” Even though there are limited choices during lunch, Francisco can find many activities to do, such as wandering from table to table and chatting with all types of people, as he is very outgoing.

Vico Serra is another student who enjoys the delicatessen’s foods, such as getting his favorite toppings in a tortilla. But he is also fond of leaving the school during open lunch with his friends, going to places such as McDonald’s and Taco John’s for a quick and cheap bite.

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