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At lunch Maddi Olsen is drinking a bubblr with her friends. I love having lunch with my friends, Maddi Olsen said. But I cant wait to be able to have open lunch.
At lunch Maddi Olsen is drinking a bubbl’r with her friends. “I love having lunch with my friends,” Maddi Olsen said. “But I can’t wait to be able to have open lunch.”

Lunch is always a blast with friends. The variety of food and drinks you’re able to purchase is amazing.The Lunch ladies are always so kind to every student and always greet you with a smile.
Having lunch with friends every week day, gives you a chance to catch up and talk about everything you hold in during class. However, when you get to be a Junior, you get to have open lunch which is what most freshmen and sophomores look forward too.
The Lunch room can get very chaotic, and extremely loud. So, if you’re going too eat lunch with friends, bring the earplugs!

(Left, back to front) Brooklyn Lewis, Lauren Schmiesing, Zoey Udhe, Isabelle Longtin (Right, back to front) Shelby Serbus, Callie Koop, Madilyn Olsen
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