New Snapchat Update

Dylan Stein

Snapchat just released a new update that is huge. You can now have a limitless time for a picture, looping videos, doodle with emojis, and a new “magic eraser.” This update is the biggest one yet and opens many gateways to bigger and better updates in the future. If you want to erase something in a picture you can just click on the magic eraser and swipe over the area or object you want gone and it disappears. If you want someone to view your picture for as long as you want just click on the seconds bar and tap on infinity. If you want someone to view your video over and over until they are done watching it you can just tap on looping. If you want to doodle with emojis there are eight different emojis you can doodle with. This new update makes snapchat more fun and entertaining.