Exchange Student’s favorite classes

If Aurora, Jakob and Matt, three foreign exchange students from Italy, Germany, and Czech Republic, had to choose one class they like the most here, in the United States, what would it be ?
Exchange Students favorite classes

Coming from the other side of the World and being used to a different school system with different classes can make you see the American School differently. We know that exchange students love a lot of things at school like the dress-up days, the different sports teams, and having a lot of games to go watch, and the different events like homecoming, prom, or graduation. But today we will talk about a different subject, an everyday thing that we maybe don’t think can be that different or interesting for foreign exchange students, but that actually is, due to the school differences they had to live and the new things they had to learn and experience: their favorite classes.

Exchange students and their favorite classes

The favorite class of Jakob, an exchange student from Germany, is Advanced Physical Education. "I just like sports and a lot of my friends are in this class too," he said. For Jakob, school in the United States and in Germany is very different. Here you have the same classes every day while in his home country it switches from day to day. However, he likes that you can choose your classes and that there are a lot of options that you can't find in a German school, like Advanced Physical Education.


For Aurora, an exchange student from Italy, the best class she has this year is Contemporary Litterature. She loves reading and learning about different topics through books.

"It's very different from Italy because we just listen to the teacher without reading and it's not as fun and interesting as here," she said. "That's why I like it."


Matej, an exchange student from the Czech Republic, is used to studying different subjects in his home country. He is in a school where he studies the art of filmmaking, production, sound design, and editing. So here, his favorite class is American History, where he likes learning about new things. "In the Czech Republic, we kinda skip this part, we only learned about the most important stuff like slavery and World War II," Matej said. "And it's nice to learn more things and details that happened that we don't know about".

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