Week 2


April Atzenhoefer and Logan Kalis

04/ 28/17

This week the band has moved into the auditorium to practice their songs for their big concert on Monday May 1st. Wesley was very excited to move into the bigger space and feel more professional about his music skills. Wesley is slightly nervous for the concert on Monday, but he knows that the band will be amazing.










The Knowledge Bowl Team just had their end of the year party on Wednesday this week. Greg had fun eating pizza and hanging out with his friends. It was a mix of emotions for poor Greg as he was happy to letter but was sad to say goodbye to all the seniors.











Ethan showed his school spirit by dressing up for every dress up day for the Spring Fling. Ethan’s favorite day was Thursday when he got to wear his Hawaiian gear to school.












MCA testing for the sophomores was Wednesday this week. Tortellini joined in to test his skills but was immediately confused by the computers. Looks like you can’t teach an old turtle new tricks! Hopefully all of the sophomores did better than Tortellini.











Helen is looking forward to prom this Saturday! Everything is in order, but there is one thing that is still kind of worrying her. The weather this week has been too stormy for her liking. Helen thinks that if it rains for prom weekend then it will be trash!