Music Review: Paramore – Hard Times

Just in one day the band Paramore can drop a new single, new merch, and dates for a summer concert. Also, on April 19th Paramore released a new music video for their new song Hard Times. Their lead singer Hayley Williams sports a new hairstyle with long bleach white hair and short bangs. The music video and the sound that the band is going for would be considered a retro 80’s feel. The video shows lots of color and has Hayley wearing retro glasses while she dances around the boys. Fans say they either love the new song or hate it. With their new single and new record coming out it looks like Paramore is going for a more pop sound then Alternative. With the change in sound it is making people question their style and the band. People are raving on the youtube side of it saying that the video and the new sound is something out of this world. The music video for Hard Times has gained over 3M views already and will keep building as the days go. They released what the new record is going to be titled: After Laughter and it will be out May 12th, right in time for the end of the school year. Good luck to Paramore on the new music.