A Limit On Bag Checks

Over the last weekend (4-9-17) let’s just say, it was quite the experience. While at the concert for In This Moment, a woman was very upset with two other girls for pushing her. The women took out a sharp object and stabbed one of the girls right in front of me. The security guards jumped the fence and took the women and the two girls away. Later that night, the cops were there arresting the women that did the stabbing. My thought was: wasn’t this woman’s bag checked correctly? When I got to the concert early that afternoon, the guards did a pat down and checked my bag, but since I am a female it was not as intense. For the man in front of me I can say other wise. He got patted down very roughly and they took all of the items out of his bag. Would this be considered sexist? So my other question is what is the limit on bag checks? If one person gets their whole bag checked, all the other people at the venue should as well. I can say that the girl who was stabbed was not horribly injured. The weapon the women used was some sort of toothpick shank. The concert continued to go on as planned with no interruptions to the show. The show was quite entertaining, with the bands Gemini Syndrome, Avatar, Motionless In White opening up for In This Moment.