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Noah Hamelau

Murder Mystery Crime Scene

Noah Hamelau, Contributor

A murder mystery activity in Mrs. Mosher’s Intro to Law class had students on the edge of their seats. The main focus of the activity was to figure out who pushed one of the characters down the stairs. Each student was assigned a character that had different clues and alibis. These detectives had to walk around the school and talk to other classmates and teachers to get clues to find out who the culprit was.

The clues would either bring the detectives to a dead end or they would all fit together, leading to finding out who the culprit was. There was also a crime scene that was made for this activity. Students had to draw out the crime scene and search for clues like fingerprints or shoeprints. When the detectives had an idea of who it was, they had to match the perpetrator’s fingerprints and shoeprints with the ones at the crime scene to make sure that they got the right person.

Murder Mystery Crime Scene (Noah Hamelau)

The students thought it was an amazing activity and that it was a fun and engaging way to learn. “It was a really fun activity and it felt like I was a real detective,” said senior Cole Fortwengler. “I did find it annoying when I spent so much time trying to figure out one clue and it led to a dead end.”

The murder mystery activity was a huge success and had students wanting to do more activities like this. It was a great example of how learning can be fun and engaging.