Hackers in New Ulm?


On Tuesday night, March 14, the New Ulm eagles squadron page was hacked. The person who claimed to have hacked the account goes by the twitter @ handle of s04p_py. The hacker tweeted on the squadron account that they had seized the account. Squadron leader Jacob Beranek regained control of the account and apologized for the problems. Then later on in the night, the squadron page was hacked yet again, by the same person. The hacker tweeted a few times about re-hacking the twitter page, and then tweeted an inappropriate photo as well as changing the profile picture to the same inappropriate photo. After getting tired of dealing with the situation, Beranek started a new squadron account with the @ handle of @NUEaglesNest and encourages everyone to unfollow and block the old account, and follow this new and real account. Beranek also encourages everyone to disregard the tweets coming out of the old hacked account.