The future of NUHS students

Student’s life paths after high school


Ashley Harris, Contributor

Nearing the end of the first semester, NUHS seniors begin planning their future. Students begin committing to colleges and deciding their plans after high school.

Jenna Ebert who plans on attending Augustana University.

Jenna Ebert plans on going to a four-year school. She has not explored two-year options and is set on a four-year degree. However, some nursing degrees only require 2 years. Ebert is planning on attending Augustana University in Sioux Falls next year for nursing. Ebert said, “I’m going to miss my friends in New Ulm so much but I’m really excited to move to Sioux Falls.”

Makenna Simpson plans on attending South-Central in Mankato

Senior Makenna Simpson is planning on attending south-central Mankato. She has looked into options at two-year schools and four-year schools. Simpson is planning on going into a degree in insurance. To go into insurance Simpson does not need a college degree but needs to take a few classes.

Anne Howard who wants to attend Brown University.

Senior Anne Howard is planning on going to college. She has not looked into other college options such as 2-year due to the requirements of my future career choice. Howard said “My top colleges are Brown University, Baylor University and Drexel University. Howard is aiming to achieve my BS/MD degree and move on to become a transplant surgeon. This career depends on the specialty but averages at four years for undergraduate and then seven years of further medical education.

Allie Cooke who plans on attending the University of Iowa.

Allie Cooke is planning on attending the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa is a 4-year college where she plans on studying biomedical studies. Cooke has not looked into community or 2-year colleges due to needing a 4-year degree to work in the medical field. Cooke said “I am most excited about meeting new people in college. I am looking forward to moving into a dorm and meeting my roommate.”

Lily Merkel who plans on attending Rollins College in Florida.

Lily Merkel plans on attending Rollins College in Florida. Merkel said “However, I have gotten some major scholarships from some of my other top schools. So, I’m unsure if Rollins is set in stone yet.” Merkel wants to major in environmental engineering studies.

Marissa Todesco who is undecided.

Marissa Todesco is planning on attending a 4-year college. Todesco is unsure at the moment on the specific college she is attending but has applied to major Ivy League schools. Todesco plans on pursuing postgraduate education in neuroscience.

Paige Dreckman has strayed from the other 4-year college choices. Dreckman plans on attending a 2-year college due to her future career. Dreckman has applied and been excepted into South Central College in Mankato and Southeast Technical College in Sioux Falls. Dreckman said “It’s a tough decision. I’m on the fence between the two.” Dreckman is considering going into Civil Engineering and getting a real estate license. If that does not go as planned Dreckman plans on going for a business/marketing degree. Dreckman also plans on having a side business of dealing vehicles.

Many NUHS seniors are excited to go to college and begin their lives outside of high school.