What Would You Prefer?

You never know what you might get


Mr. Nelsons Classroom

Alyssa Nelson

They are tall, short, wide, and long; you never know what you might get when you walk into a classroom.

What kind of desk will you get, and what kind of chair may be the question students ask themselves as they walk into a classroom. Many of the desks are the traditional style of desks that parents of students may have used when they went to school. Some are just tables of odd shapes with chairs to match. Some tables are tiered in different heights, along with chairs that spin and roll. Throughout the classrooms, the types of desks vary, and in some classrooms, they are mismatched with two different kinds of desks.

Many Students have different preferences when it comes to what kind of desks they may have. Others could care less, it all has to do with a person’s preference. One student from New Ulm High School shares her feelings on why it bothers her that each classroom has a different arrangement or variations of desks. Katie Hames said, “It bothers me because it’s nice to know what to expect when you walk into a classroom.”

The different types of desks in a classroom also affect the teachers. Most teachers would like to have desks that work best for their teaching method. Some teachers even get lucky and get to pick what type of desks they got, others just got whatever they ended up with. Mr. Nelson the science teacher said, “The desks are older than me and could be replaced.”