Let the Brain Games Begin

The Knowledge Bowl team is starting their season and hoping to bring a couple of teams to state.


Lucy Sletta

The Knowledge Bowl team is getting ready for another season.

Lucy Sletta and Kareen Hammerschmidt

Kareen Hammerschmidt
Ready Set Knowledge: The kids of Knowledge Bowl are patiently waiting for the next question to be read.

Before you and your team realize it, the buzzer has gone off, and there are only 15 seconds to determine “what Hebrew term is a cognate for the Arabic word ‘salaam’?” These intelligent students work on figuring out questions in mathematics, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and the list continues. The students are broken up into teams of four to five students. They are theoretically going head to head with their fellow students who are not on their teams.

The meets consist of a written round and four oral rounds. During the written round teams can consist of four to five students. Unfortunately, during the oral round teams can only include four students. Hannah Blumhoefer, member of Knowledge Bowl for six years, describes how “all the teams are made up of four students, because we do not want someone to sit out.” The meet is longer than you think; it is the time of a typical school day.

When we asked Hannah, she said that her favorite thing about knowledge bowl is “getting together with friends, playing, practicing and having fun.” The atmosphere was fun and friendly during practice. All the people on a team work together, using all their knowledge on the subject to help solve the problem at hand.

All grades can join, and according to Blumhoefer, they have an excellent blend of students in each grade this year. Blumhoefer says that “the more people join, the better it is for the program.” Also, you don’t have to study, you base it off of your own knowledge. Knowledge Bowl is a great way to get involved here at NUHS especially if you’re not a big fan of sports. Knowledge bowl is always happy to invite new members. Best of luck to the knowledge bowl team this year!