The Topic of Gun Control

The highly controversial topic of guns and gun control.


PUTTING ASIDE DIFFERENCES- Despite their opposing views, Landon and Kareen pose for a picture together.

Jayden Pettersen and Katelyn Ulrich

Let’s talk about gun control.

Gun control is an immensely controversial topic that has come to light more in the last few years. With the Parkland Shooting, the Las Vegas Shooting, and the quite recent Thousand Oaks Shooting, many Americans are calling for stricter gun laws. However, for better or worse, guns are a large part of the United States history. The use of guns helped the United States fight against the British and become a country, and the right to bear arms is protected with the Second Amendment. So what should we do? Keep things how they are and let these shootings continue? Or enact stricter gun laws and pray that it actually does something?

According to the BBC, 39% of Americans are satisfied with the amount of gun control we currently have, while 49% want more gun control and 8% believe we should have less. Gun control supporters point out that gun control could protect abused women, who are 500% more likely to be killed during domestic disputes when a gun is around. They also believe gun control will prevent the mass shootings occurring in the United States. Gun rights supporters point out that the Second Amendment protects gun ownership, and that states with the least amount of gun control are also states with less crime. This discussion is a heated topic in D.C. right now, and many voters are voting based on this topic alone.

This argument does not just involve adults and politicians. Many high school students have opinions, both strong and not, about guns and how much control the government should have over them. For Senior Landon Depew, it’s simple. “I support gun rights because it is a right given to every U.S citizen,” he said. When asked about whether or not there should be any gun control, he said, “A little bit. Where they are right now I think there is a little too much. I think 30-40 years ago there was a good amount.” Senior Kareen Hammerschmidt is on the other side of things. “I think more gun control equals more safety. It’s working in Europe.”

So, whether the United States should have less gun control or more gun control is a hot debate, but it is obvious something has got to change. Whether that means passing more gun laws, overturning them, or focusing more on mental health, only time will tell.