Behind the Scenes of Student Council


Ryan Ziemer

Shot of the whole student council putting on the best of smiles.

Celia Fluegge and Dylan Jennings

Student council was created to give the students of schools a voice. It’s a way to formally present their ideals and concerns with the school, but not every student can speak for themselves. Otherwise there would be chaos. So, the students elect representatives to speak for them. Naturally, the people on student council have a lot of pressure to be the voice of the rest of the student body, but in an interview with Joey Batt, student council president, she says that it’s not too stressful, and that they “work together to make things happen.”

As student council president, Joey has a little more to do than the other members. She coordinates and runs meetings, and occasionally she has to speak to the entire student body. She says that giving those speeches can make her nervous, but “it’s not as bad as you would think.”

There are a few struggles being in student council. Joey said that dances are the hardest to put together because of all the tedious work they have to put into it. For example, when they put out a few ideas and vote on them, sometimes it ends in a tie. Then they have to get rid of an option and re-vote until they come down to one idea. Some student council members also don’t like that they can’t participate in Turkey Bingo (that eagerly-awaited all-school event that kicks off the Thanksgiving Break), but Joey said that, “I don’t mind much. It’s fun watching the other kids running and gobbling down the halls.”

These kids don’t run everything, though. There is a teacher adviser to guide them along and get things together. Mrs. Gordon seems to be just the teacher up for the task eleven years running. Her job is to help set up meetings and oversee all the activities done by student council. Mrs. Gordon said, “Executive committee meets monthly, with various other meetings about four times a month. There’s more around homecoming time, though.”

Student council may be done with the big ticket items like BOTC (Battle of the Classes), Homecoming, and Turkey Bingo, but there are still things to look forward to like all the dress up days and Prom. Just wait in anticipation for what’s to come.