Trip Behind Bars

Friday September 21, 2018 Mrs. Ruch took her Intro to Law class to tour the Law Enforcement Center.

Lexi Krosch and Ashley Crowder

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Mrs. Ruch informed her class on Monday September 17, 2018 that they were going to tour the Law Enforcement Center. The Law Enforcement Center is located on Center Street next to Turner Hall. The Law Enforcement Center was built in 1994. The preexisting jail is buried under the parking lot.

The Enforcement Center tour started with the visitation around, where there is 6-inch glass between the inmate and the visitor with the only way to communicate is with the phones. Officer Seidl informed the students that an inmate was in the court room, so they were going to have to wait to see the court room. To waste some time before touring the court room the students got to see the booking room and the holding cell. They put people who are suicidal or intoxicated in the holding cell.  The Enforcement Center also had issues with people stealing the clothing they are issued, so they started dying the clothing orange and tan.

Brown County Sheriff is in charge of surveying the waterways in Brown County. Sometimes that includes looking for illegal activity or even looking for bodies at the bottom of the waterway. ”

— Chief Deputy Seidl

Chief Deputy Seidl took the students to the garage and showed the students his official car and the boat. He showed the transport vehicles. He showed the students where they bring in the inmates. He also explained that the railing be the landing is loose so that if an ambulance comes they can fit the gurney through the landing and into the ambulance.

Jackie Cowing thought the Law Enforcement Center was interesting. She did not enjoy being stared at by the inmates and she felt claustrophobic in the entrance of the jail doors.  She would like to visit the Law Enforcement Center again, but only to see a court case.

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  • Visitation Room

  • Hall to to the Court Room with the authentic wooden doors

  • Intro to Law crew

  • Inside the court room

  • The female sleeping facilities

  • The inside of the Sheriff car

  • Searching the water.