Frolfin’ Fever


Jacob Sellner

Have you ever been walking through a park on a nice sunny day and noticed a weird looking metal basket with chains hanging from the top of it? If you have you have probably heard of frolf (other wise known as frisbee golf). The disc golf season is just around the corner and it has some frolf-loving students stirring with excitement. Some may say it is not a true sport, but it has a rather large and competitive professional league, PDGA or Professional Disc Golf Association. It also takes quite a muster of skill, physical strength, and technique to be good at.

But NUHS local disc golfers have got the blues because weather is prohibiting them from hittin’ the course. Recent weather of snow and then it melting have either made Nehls park or South park too wet, muddy, and sloppy to be able to enjoy a nice round of disc golf.

Most NUHS disc golfers got their start at the renowned Nehls park, located on Summit Ave right next to Flandrau State Park. Local disc golf enthusiast Bradley Wilfahrt said, “All I could think about all winter was spring being here to get out and get some frolfing in.” Wilfahrt also said, “ I just can’t believe that now when everyone wants it to be nice and sunny to get outside, it’s cold and snowy. Why couldn’t the snow come in the winter when everyone wanted it, not now when no one does?” Wilfahrt concluded. Frankly, NUHS students, disc golfers or not, could not agree more with Wilfahrt.

But sunshine is coming, it looks as if the last of this spring snow is passing through, and the forecasts look bright and warm. However, mud, wet grass, and giant puddles of water will slow down the season for an extra week or so. NUHS student and disc golfer Brady Ahlness had a few comments about the upcoming season. “I am really looking forward to what this season has to bring. I really believe our school should start its very own disc golf team,” he said. “I think it is a very cultured and fun sport that needs more attention and credit and would be a great addition to school sports,” he added.

As the season kicks off and more and more people are hitting the course and letting go of the winter blues, consider hitting the frolf trail. Whether you are an avid disc golfer or just starting out, disc golf is a pastime anyone can enjoy. Thinking about starting your disc golf career? All it takes is a $12-$20 investment to get started. Keep in mind that courses are free to use and nothing is better than getting to be one with nature while having fun just tossin’ some discs around. Weather is getting good and so are the attitudes of frolfin’ fanatics who have been cooped up all winter.