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MEA “Break”

October 15, 2019

School Daze

School Daze

October 14, 2019

Graduation Blues

Graduation Blues

May 13, 2019

Thor: Ragnarok was released on 
November 3, 2017

Review of Thor: Ragnarok

January 4, 2018

Broke but still Crushing

Broke but still Crushing

January 2, 2018

Should Our Grades Affect Our Open Lunch?

Ronald Ritzer, Contributor

November 8, 2017

A new policy has been put into effect at New Ulm Public High School. The policy states that if you have a failing grade in any class you automatically lose your open lunch for the next three weeks. Open lunch is a "open" period...

Why School Should Start At Least An Hour Later

Kailee Glowinski, Editor

November 3, 2017

In a random class during the school day, students are in the middle of a lesson or some educational video. Roughly five minutes in, heads start to drop, and before you know it numerous students are fast asleep. Why? Is it because...

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