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New Ulm Eagle Football

September 27, 2017

Photo by: Matt Schlieman

The New Ulm Eagle football team has been turning itself around lately. 2 years ago they ended the season 0-9. Last year they ended 2-7. This year they have gone 2-2 in their first 4 games. The Eagles head coach, Corey Kneeshaw, answered some questions in an interview.

“Different,” said Kneeshaw when asked how the practices have been, “In a good way from the standpoint that we have a lot of different people playing different positions. We need to know better when to dial back the contact and when to turn it back up.”

We asked Kneeshaw about his personal goals and he responded with, “I haven’t thought about my personal goals. I’m focused more on the team goals. When the team wins, I win,” explained Kneeshaw. “As a team, I’d like to get to a .500 record and host a home playoff game.”

“Hoping to host a home playoff game and play into or past the second round. Then we play one of the big teams,” said Kneeshaw when asked how he thought the playoffs were going to go.

Attitudes matter a lot to a team. When asked about the team’s attitude, Kneeshaw responded with, “They have a great  attitude. There’s a belief in each other, the team, and the coaches. Winning gives them confidence, but we don’t let them get cocky. The game against TCU was a great example of that,” explained Kneeshaw.

The Eagles will host the St. Peter Saints this Friday night for the homecoming game.

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