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Mrs. Hauth- a New Face In the Foods Room

November 16, 2017

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Mrs. Hauth- a New Face In the Foods Room

Mrs. Hauth, a new teacher at NUHS, moved to New Ulm, MN from Zimmerman, MN. She has been teaching for 8 years, with this year being her first in New Ulm. Mrs. Hauth was a director with Pampered Chef and she operated a small bakery called “Cole’s Confections’s.” The bakery specialized in cheesecakes, making over 200 different flavors. Mrs. Hauth teaches four different classes at NUHS including Basic Foods, International Foods, Child Development and Interior Design.

When asked how she liked teaching in the small town of New Ulm she responded, “I love it, both the students and co-workers are great!”

Mrs. Hauth and her students have already completed numerous labs. When we asked her how her students have been behaving in lab she said, “So far, students are exceeding and going above my expectations.”

In one Basic Foods lab, the class made apple birds. To make one, students must cut the apple to make it look like a bird. The students made these strange birds to ensure their lab skills were ready for more advanced labs.

Olivia Owens, a sophomore at NUHS said, “I felt challenged while doing the lab, but it helped me become more prepared.”


Students in Mrs. Hauth’s International Foods class got the opportunity to enjoy Qdoba from Mrs. Hauth’s great uncle, Mark Miller. Mark brought in a catering style meal of Qdoba, similar to an assembly line process where the students put what they desired in their bowls. Qdoba is a Mexican-style cuisine.

When Aubrey Fischer, a senior at NUHS, was asked what she thought about this opportunity she responded, “Well, I like free food!”

Mrs. Hauth and her students have many labs left to complete for the year.

“I am excited to do more labs and see how the food turns out,” said Aubrey Fischer.

New Ulm High School has welcomed in yet another teacher into the new building.




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