Celebrating Earth Day With Joi

April 24, 2017

Last Friday, the Joi club got together and put on the hunt for the little earths in the lower commons. Students in 9th-12th grade had the opportunity to count the number of earths and the person with the closest number won the prizes. The number of earths that we put up was 47! I spent most of 5th hour counting the votes with Mrs Hoek and we are happy to say that we got 4 winners!! Wyatt Huard in 11th grade, Clinton Underhill in 9th grade, Megan Kelley in 9th grade, and Kellen Christensen in 10th grade. The winners got bags of candy and Wyatt got the New Ulm High Schools stuffed Eagle!! Saturday was the 47th year of Earth Day and we are looking forward to helping out the community. Joi Club is also looking forward to new members and is hoping to do this activity with the school next year. Joi Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Right now the club is working on offering hope, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief for kids in Africa. Joi did a jean drive to collect jeans in our school, as well as shoes for the kids. Anna Uehling is the president to the club and says, “I want the club to continue strongly and get new members and projects to work on.” She also said that she wishes Jacob Todd luck becoming the clubs next president next year. Next year Joi club will also have a new VP and Security. The club will be losing half of the group due to graduation but hopefully with Jacob and the new projects the club will survive.

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