From left, Ben Groebner, Dylan Jackson, Ben Brownfield, and Henry Albrecht show off their gallons of chocolate milk generously donated by parents.

Tennis’s personal Eagle Squadron

While tennis may not get as much of a crowd as football or basketball, parents and other relatives show as much support as they can both visibly and behind the scenes.

Lawn chairs line the chain-link fences around the tennis courts. Eyes dart from court to court, peaking quickly at each score tower before focusing back on the game of their son, brother, grandson, or cousin. When a point is eventually scored, instead of the roar of the crowd or a cheer coming out, there are a few way-to-go’s and dispersed ovations, before the crowd goes quiet again, the next rally underway.

Mitchell Schotzcko enjoys an assortment of chips after a meet in Waseca.

This is a common sight at a New Ulm boy’s tennis meet. While there aren’t many student supporters at these meets, the parents and other relatives of the players help fill the void left. Parents also assist in helping buy snacks and drinks for the team at both home and away meets. Pizza, potato chips, and chocolate milk bought and donated by the parents have helped keep the tennis team fed along the way.

Senior Dylan Jackson enjoys a pre-match cookie supplied by donors.fed and refreshed at both home and away meets.

Members of the tennis team seem to love the parent’s support. “It’s super convenient when you finish playing and you don’t have to go looking for food, it’s all right there,” said Ian Schotzko. “You go out there, it’s cold, you’re hungry and they supply nice food. It makes you feel better,”  added Dylan Jackson.

Some ‘rituals’ have even broken out among the team. Some believe that you can’t eat until after your match, while others choose to chow down pre-game for some extra energy. Regardless of the beliefs, neither of these options would be available without the tremendous support from the boosters.

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