Calyn Glaser up to bat during home game.

Fly Balls!

Senior Calyn Glaser up to bat in one of her last home games as a senior in New Ulm High School

Eat, sleep, breathe softball.

Calyn Glaser is a senior at New Ulm High School and has played softball for years. “I started playing when I was really little,” Calyn says, “I was in t-ball and worked my way up from  there.” There are programs for little kids who want to start playing softball. As they get older they can move up teams, learn, and be more challenged as players.

Since Calyn started playing softball she has switched positions multiple times. “Sophmore year I was playing third baseman for varsity, and now as a Senior, I am a first baseman. I like the position I have now, I am getting more familiar and loving the right side of the field!”

I like the position I have now, I am getting more familiar and loving the right side of the field!

— Calyn Glaser

“My favorite memory from softball throughout High School is honestly winning against Fairmont last night, it was such a big game given the tension between the teams. We worked so hard in those weeks of practice preparing for the game, the win really was well deserved.”

On April 25, the girl’s softball won against Farirmont 4-1. “The first few innings were pretty nerve-racking. They had a 0-1 lead against us off of a home run, but I am super proud of the team for coming together and getting three runs in the sixth inning. Our bats came alive and we were playing small ball on them, it was just really fun to see.”

“I am definitely looking forward to sections and hopefully state. Sections is what we have been working for all season so far and state is a dream for all of us. This is the year to do it for me with it being my senior year. The team is young and has a lot of talent in the younger ages. The programs going to keep growing so I am really excited to see that as I leave the Eagles.”

As senior year comes to an end Calyn plans to attend NDSU. “I have not decided what to major in yet, but I am not that worried – I have a lot of time to still figure that out.”

“High school goes by so fast, so my advice to underclassmen is to enjoy it and don’t worry about the little things! Put in the effort for things you want, no matter what, it will pay off. Just enjoy it.”



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