Nailed it!

May 16, 2023

Have you heard of the show “Nailed It?”  Imagine your local town hosts a competition like “Nailed It,” bakers who could have years of experience to just hours competing for first, second, and last place.

Junior Nick Vigil and college freshmen Alex Vigil putting fencing on their cake (Josie Ringhofer)

Well, on April 18 some NUHS students and staff took place in this very competition. Although competitors didn’t have to make the cake itself, they had to decorate it perfectly. But of course, not everything goes to plan.

Mrs. Christian, as well as two other students – sophomore Summer Clark and senior Katie Becker – were the judges in this competition. It may seem easy but judging is no cakewalk. “You always try not to make anyone feel bad, it was really hard to pick who got last,” Mrs Christain said.

The three of them were able to be judges because of a recent event they were all involved in at MSU Mankato. The event was called Crave and they had to decorate cakes themselves. Katie got first place and Summer second.

Many had such a good time at this event including Sophomore Addie Ringhofer. “It was so fun to compete with my sister even if it was so stressful at some points. It was all worth it in the end to win second place,” Addie said.

Some people however didn’t have such a great time, including Nick Vigil who did not place. “We had such a good cake and didn’t even place, if you ask me the people who placed cheated,” Nick said. No one had really cheated – they had just not followed the rules. Mrs Christain even brought up that yes their cake was good but they didn’t follow the picture they were given.

Overall everyone had a great time even if they didn’t want to admit it, and everyone would do it again in a heartbeat.

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