The Sophomore Savior

Sophomore Henry Waloch has stepped into TWO supporting lead roles in the spring play "The Man Who Came To Dinner."

Imagine this scenario: there is a large-scale high school production that has been in progress for 3 months; there is one week before the first show; then, just like that, a lead actor gets removed from the show. Three months of work lost in a split second. What is there to do?

Luckily to fix this issue Henry Waloch stepped up to this challenge. “The original actor was removed from the play and I was offered the role. At first, I was a little skeptical because it was only a week away from the performance but that’s just the way it goes. Josie Ringhofer and Mr. Olson are putting so much into this show to go on, so I figured I could help them out and return the favor,” Waloch said when asked about the process of getting the role.


Henry had exactly one week to get more than 50 lines and 30 minutes of staging down all before the first show on Friday, March 31. “Trying to make sure I know where I’m supposed to be is pretty challenging. The lines didn’t take too long to get down, but just making sure I know how and when to say things has been challenging,”  Waloch said.

Henry is taking up two major roles in this play. His original role was “Sandy,” who is a love interest to Mr. Stanley’s daughter, June. His new role is “Banjo,” who is best friends with the lead role “Sheridan Whiteside.” This new role is an energetic and lively role, which is much different than this original role.  “It is fun and a little challenging having two roles. Overall though it is fun to get to switch costumes and it is also fun getting to play two completely different characters,” Waloch said. 

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