Popcorn, extra salty

New Ulm's tennis team taking on the concession stand during the boys basketball game!

Have you ever been to a Basketball game and gone to the concessions? It may seem that the popcorn you got handed just magically restocks itself and appears. However, there is a huge journey that popcorn has to take to arrive in your hand.

New Ulm Public High School gets all of its popcorn from a local producer called Candyman. New Ulm’s own Activities Director, Stef Dietz, gives us the inside scoop on how it arrives at New Ulm High School. “Candyman does a lot of services in the community and also does other schools as well. I get the popcorn and candy from them, I place the order Sunday night and by Wednesday it is delivered. After it’s all delivered I go ahead and put the supplies in the concession stands.”

New Ulm makes an effort to have a positive impact on the community. Sports teams from New Ulm High School take turns running the concession stands. “We utilize our coaches and students, and the money that is raised on concessions is put back into our athletic programs. It is a good way for coaches and students to support other programs and the community sees our programs supporting one another,” Dietz said.

So next time you are buying your popcorn and water at the concessions you’ll know exactly where it came from and exactly how your money is being used!


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