Kate Frauenholtz

Senior Laura Bertrang working on homework while on her Mexico vacation.

A break or is it?

Students continue to go on spring break missing days of school.

April 2, 2023

Sitting on the beach with the ocean breeze in your hair, your feet up, catching the much-needed Vitamin D. All of a sudden, you remember you are supposed to be taking a test, and the stress and worry consumes you to take you out your relaxed state. Suntanning while doing school work is not how students want to spend their vacation.

Students have been expressing distress over no spring break this year although it comes with the benefit of an extended summer vacation. As students continue to go on spring break, they are loaded with copious amounts of homework to take with them to their supposed “break” from school.

“I am very overwhelmed and stressed out over all the school work I am missing, and hoping my teachers understand my situation,” senior Laura Bertrang said.  “It is a lot of work to make up a week of school, especially in college classes. I wish I could sit and enjoy my vacation instead of worrying about the work I am missing.”

Senior Breanna Wilfahrt was alone in class as her peers took a break from school (Kate Frauenholtz)

Other students who are not taking a vacation are still longing for the weeks-long break that comes every other year. While most seniors are okay with the compromise of early graduation they still want a scheduled break from school.

“Low-key happy about it because we get to graduate early, but I do wish I had a week off to give myself an opportunity to go on a vacation without missing school or just to take a break as the spring months seem to last forever,” said senior Bryn Nesvold.

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