Mrs. Cowles’s fifth-hour Contemporary Literature class with a sub.
Mrs. Cowles’s fifth-hour Contemporary Literature class with a sub.

Who is going to teach today?

There have been five different subs in less than a month.

March 26, 2023

An English teacher at New Ulm High School is out on maternity leave without a permanent sub. It creates a fun game with the students and even the staff as to who is going to be in Mrs. Cowles’s classroom.

As of March 3, we knew we had Mr. Poncin for Monday, March 8, and Mrs. Schitki for March 7-13. We don’t know who the sub will be from now on. The suspense continues. We have heard rumors that the one and only Ms. Huss is back and will be subbing for Clowes’s classes on March 15.

Ms. Huss teaching Mrs. Cowles’s fifth hour.

When I walked into Mrs. Cowles’s room, I saw Ms. Huss. We all asked her where she has been since we have not seen her since we were in middle school.

“With COVID happening I hibernated. I wanted to stay safe, and I feel it is now safe to get back into subbing,” she said and added that she will not be our long-term sub. The school still has not found a long-term sub as of March 17.

The subs are having a hard time trying to use google classroom and grade our assignments. With assignments given to us daily and new subs every day, it is hard for them to keep up with everything.

We finally have a sub who will stay longer than three days. She is staying for two weeks. Mrs. Hazen will enter our grades, grade our papers, and teach us. The students are happy that we will have some stability for a little bit. It has been nice to have the same teacher for more than three days.

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