Students dance to the Cupid Shuffle Friday March 10th at the semi-formal dance. (Kate Frauenholtz)
Students dance to the Cupid Shuffle Friday March 10th at the semi-formal dance.

Kate Frauenholtz

Underclassmen have more fun?

Underclassmen make up the majority of the semi-formal dance attendance rates.

March 15, 2023

Showing up to a semi-formal dance in shorts and a t-shirt, weird… or smart? Senior Ella Friederich only agreed to attend the semi-formal event if she was allowed to wear athletic clothes that she could dance in.

“I don’t want to wear a tight dress when I am dancing, that doesn’t makes sense. I want to be able to get down and dance crazy with my friends, not worry about if my dress is getting ruined,” Friederich said

This year’s spring semi-formal, the Snowball, was a well-attended event for underclassmen, however only a few upperclassmen were spotted at the event. The question is, why are the underclassmen hyped for the dance and the upperclassmen refuse to attend?

Spring dance poster made by students in Student Council. (Laura Bertrang)

“I do not think many upperclassmen will attend because we already have a prom and do not want to dress up twice,” said senior Bryn Nesvold, previous to the dance. Rumors circulating throughout the school confirm this statement that many older students find the dance pointless because they don’t want to dress up for a dance twice in the same season. 

“I also think that many students would rather attend state hockey instead of attending the dance due to the fact that we still have a prom to look forward to,” said Nesvold. State hockey occurred during the same weekend as the semi-formal dance this year, attracting more attention to the St.Paul area where hockey was held.

Many upperclassmen left town early Friday morning to make it up for the hockey games beginning that day. “State hockey is always a big event that people enjoy going to. Especially this year, I heard lots of seniors went up,” said junior Madie Guggisberg.

With both state hockey happening the same weekend as the dance, and prom happening only a month after, upperclassmen find the semi-formal as a pointless event to attend. Underclassmen on the other hand find it as a unique experience that they only get to enjoy once since they do not have the opportunity to attend prom and many could not drive up to watch hockey.

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